Attachment of The Fraudulent Medium

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During this hypnosis session of forgiveness and acceptance the client views a short life as young girl. Connected with the family in that life to see if they were in his family today and travelled to the soul realm to visit his soul group.

From there we connected with his inner self who was able to highlight issues we could work on today and to also answer a list of questions the client had put to me prior to the regression.

In this life the client was a man in his late twenties who wanted to connect with his spirit, to find his purpose and answers to many questions.

The client settled into the regression with ease.

On stepping into the past life, he saw himself a girl of seven years old called Donita who was playing outside in sun by the river and stones and near a village in Greece. Travelling to the village Donita described the houses as round stone houses with a window. What was specific was that the door had weathered much and there was a piece missing at the bottom. Stepping into the home Donita described her surroundings.

There were three beds, for her father, her mother and herself. Her parents were out fishing but her older sister was there looking after her. She was twenty-one years old and called Alfia whom she had a deep connection to. Alfia had a cheery disposition but when pushed had a nasty, angry side to her.

Connecting with the soul of Alfia, Donita reported that she was close to her in this life and would, this time, have brief encounters with her but there was not the need for her watchful eye.

Donita spoke of her parents being by the river fishing. Her father was of average build, bald with thick sides and a black beard. He was a good and kind man. He mother was the opposite, being a harsh and strict parent who scarred her husband with her changes in temper.

Her father in that life was her grandfather in this life and his mother was an ex-partner in his life today.

Having enough information from that scene I asked the client to close the scene so we could move forward to another time in the same lifetime where something important was happening.
The reply was “I can’t, I only have two days to live”.

Exploring the next scene Donita described the landscape. She was outside the hut in the village with her sister when the larva from the mountain erupted, “its loud, massive and mesmerising, we have no chance”. She described how everyone in its path was transfixed to the spot with fear as they watched the larva spew out and turn everything a blistering scorched yellow. She was in the village with her sister, her parents were aware of the devasting effects of the explosion but stranded, helpless, out fishing and watching in terror.

Donita informed me that her parents were out with six boats, the ones that got away, her mother and father were party to the crew. In tears as she connects with her father and describes his vision of the horror of viewing the devastation offshore, knowing his girl’s destiny was to be engulfed in its flames. She cried with her father’s emotions but was not short in telling me that her mother did not stand and look in horror, she dived to the bottom of the boat to save herself.

We had reached the end of that life. It is at this time I ask the client to detach themselves from the scene they are viewing, free from pain and emotion and to describe to me their new surroundings.

“I’m above the scene, watching, everything is scorched, my father is bleeding inside, crying out loud from the depth of his souls for his girls. My mother saves herself. “

I asked her to look around her new landscape to see if there is someone or something from the spirit world that has come to collect her to take her home.

“There’s a dragon fly buzzing around irritating me, it keeps coming into my face, like prodding me”. We connected with the image to find that the dragon fly was her sister calling her to go home. I asked permission to be able to travel with them.

We travelled through the universe, past speed and light before we entered the “Zone”. Donita described a metal door, most people speak of a wooden carved door. This was a metal door with a blue brick framing the entrance, it was a signal they were in a holding zone.
“My sister directs me to a door, she has to pull the handle down and push, we go in, it’s a jail.” On further inspection Donita tells me that is a holding cell for souls going home, it is where they are collected and counselled, where they share their experiences, let them go and move on. Donita’s father was in the holding room with a girl by the name of Ffione, similar to the Welsh name Vivien. I asked why he was taken there. “It is where it all started and where we all discuss how we got on.”

We are from different worlds and different times in this holding cell. We have gathered together to learn from our experiences.

My sister is taking me away now. I asked they go with the scene and described their new landscape. She was sat by a campfire in the woods with seven other souls who were part of a teaching group.

I asked why they were part of the teaching group. “My gift is to translate and scribe for earth, it is a word not of earth but what we know as Ambix, which you understand as shapes, signs and symbols”.
On the tip of my tongue was to ask that he describe his landscape and the people around her but beat me to it.

There’s a man here, I know him her on earth, he is in my soul group, he is bald with glasses and a beard but familiar to me, he wears American Western style clothing. Connecting with the scene Donita gave me a name of a person we both know well. They teach people today in this life. “He is here, right in front of me, laughing and joking as he passes on his information of science beyond what we know. That is why I here to learn from him and the others of the soul group.”

Exploring the scene further I asked Donita to furnish me with more information. “We have an Alien as a protector, guiding us, watching and protecting us, he is from another planet, the planet of Mars but his vibration is such that those not yet connected will be unable to view him.”

Donita began to laugh and shuffle on the sofa, “I can’t believe what I’m seeing, and I doubt you will, but here goes. This Alien is actually a giant beetle, that is what he appears to us but in fact he is like a master passing on knowledge, watching our progress, assisting us. He has been working with me for decades but in this life for only two years.”

There were many avenues I could have tried to move down but all were halted when Donita said she had a message for my client from the Alien.

“Slow down, take your time with everything. If you need to start again, it is not a failure, it’s a try, start again, to begin and grow. Relax more, connect with your soul and your heart, you need to practice breathing, just breath.”

I felt that we had come to the end of our experience in the spirit world, so I asked that we move to speak with Donita’s Inner Self.

Inner Self

“Hello, thank you for joining me, my name is Nathan, meaning the gift of God”.

It is at this point I ask that we do a body scan of the aura of my client to asses whether there is anything in the aura we can work on.

Nathan directed me to the right ankle. To make sure that the client was not accepting sublimely messages from me, I touched the chose the left foot. With an instruction to behave I was told “Wrong foot, I said my right”, confirmation for me.

Connecting with and exploring the energy presence I discovered that it was an attachment from a previous life. With a different tone and tempo in the voice box the attachment spoke to me. “Hello, my name is Quya ala, I lived in China, Donita was my son in that life, what is it you wish to know.”

I asker permission to explore that life. “He was my son, we lived near a reservoir, a damn, it burst, and all my life and my existence washed away with it.

No one could have imagined that our village life would change so dramatically. The dam burst and caught me in the clutches. I tried to hold on the village ground that sunk beneath me. I was with my son at the time the earth gave way and hung on to his right leg, I knew if I didn’t let him go, he would be called to spirit, I had to let him go.” Mentally Quay ala had hung on to the child forming a bond in his aura.

I have tried to keep hold of him because I never saw him grow up, I’m still gripping to him now, for myself but now you are here I understand I am holding him back from moving forward. I see now I need to let him go so he can allow new growth, which will enable his spirit to develop, I don’t like you being here, you are going to ask me to leave. Before you do your job can I that I leave a message for my son. “Feel your emotions, stop pushing people away, I love you, and I am sorry for holding you back in this life”.

I asked for assistance from the spiritual world in the ascension of his father in that life and asked Nathan (his inner self) that we replace the old energy with something that will allow my client to grow. His reply was “green tourmaline, I will collect it from the crystal chamber”. With that we release the old energy and replaced it with the calming sensations that emanated from the crystal.

Further work was need in the fingers, in particular the left hand which held memories from a past life in Vietnam. In this life he was just a small child of three years old who was witness to the killing of a woman who was believed to be a witch. Two men on motorbikes believed that, if they slay the woman it would bring peace to the land. The child was a by stander and saw the slaughter of the woman, who they believed was a medium, they drove by with machete in their hands and cut her throat.

Connecting with the woman in that life she believed that her objective was to continue to protect the child but in fact, she realised she was hindering his growth and from there she declared it was time for her to move on to the spirit world and release him from attachment. Before she departed her message to the client was, “don’t ever give up on you. To hold on to pain will destroy you, it is time to let go, for you and for me, in doing so you will attract more love. I am sorry for holding you back”.

Our last scan of the day was connected to the left-hand side of the neck. I connected with the energy and drew the energy up to the throat in order for it to express itself.

With a devilish snigger and slow pace and tone came a voice from the past. “Hello, I am a lady by the name of Jasmina. I played at fairs and had the pleasure of attaching to anyone, it is really easy when they are weak”.

I instantly knew with the tone of voice that I had my work cut out on the next release. Jasmina was her stage name and, as her light was fading, she attached to my client to continue her corruption and wickedness. The same kind of wickedness she speared on “weak and lost targets” in the 1920’s where she would perform at fairs, events and seances. To entertain herself by instilling greed on poor souls, to trick and mock them for their ignorance for they knew no better.

I quizzed why she would need the light of my client if she was indeed a medium herself. “Oh, dear child, I am not a real medium honey, get a grip, I was sharp, they were weak, they deserved being parted from their coins.” Jasmina went to inform me that she travelled the Mind Body Spirit Fairs for weak souls and was particularly attached to a healer who held a stall. The healer failed to protect and ground herself sufficiently before her work, which enable Jasmina to jump in into the client’s energy.

I asked if this was the situation with my client and where and when she met him. “It was at a fair in Barnsley two years ago. I play with him. I try to hold him back, but he is strong, I really don’t think he understands his capability but, in the meantime, I will use his light, alter his mental thoughts, and confiscate his love for others, to me it is just a game”.

For me to move forward with the client, the client needs an understanding of the situation, as does the attachment. I ask that we provide a safe place so that Jasmina can go to the light. Emphatically came the answer “NO, I won’t allow it, I feed from him, and besides where would I go, to be judged by counsel? get a grip. Who would accept me? I stole the life and souls of plenty, it was the way I used my gift of talking my way into people, money gives you choices, it was the way I made my way, you need to understand hunger to understand harassment”.

This was a tricky attachment release for me I must admit for more ways than one that is not recorded here for client confidentiality. Talking to the energy did seem to be pointless but the minute I gave up and declared I was done with reasoning with the energy, that it was now time to call upon the Arch Angels of the Universe to descend and assist did her tone change. With the help and guidance of the angels and spirit realm we released the energy of Jasmina and replaced it with protection.

Just before Jasmina left the session she spoke of the client’s work situation, that his colleagues all laugh and judge him, but this is their lesson and not to listen. The reason they bark, and jest is they are uncomfortable with his expressions because it highlights emotions they would prefer to be buried. This is their problem, not his, move one, move forward, they will follow.

This was the very reason she was able to cause mischief and the very reason I implore anyone reading this to make an intention to cover yourself with a cloak daily or walk to a situation under a shower of light as protection or visualise yourself surrounded by light. It is called PROTECTION OF SELF – IS THE KEY. Use crystals, rods, smudging, drumming, whatever it is, your intension brings in the result. So be careful what you say, for what you give out, you will receive.

There is only so much psychic surgery you can do in one day on a client and I feel three treatment are enough, save risking trauma to the body. From here I ask the questions highlighted by the client prior to the session.


Purpose in life

A voice, loud and clear spoke directly and emphatically “the man does not listen, he has it all, we speak to him in sleep time, it hard to connect to him”.

In this life the client is working to build a healing Hub on the property. Not totally convinced in his ability and how it will happen he becomes frustrated. The reason for this is, as he has been told, he does tries control rather than trust. You will understand when I inform you of the next quote from spirit.

“We have worked many lifetimes with him as a student, With the harsh lessons of this life, he chose to experience this advancement, we have worked with him for two years to get the centre up and running. The seed is set, we await his belief. He believes he is a healer, and this is true, but the not hands on type, he is one for the mind and science, this is where he feels the experiences and lives and will do his best work”. This is not to say his centre will be singular as he will invite all the talking and hands on therapies, all the senses, the therapies, they will find him and want to work with him.

In past lives he was in touch with all his senses but was reluctant to speak out. In this life he chose a practical life where he would be cognitive and have to break down his barriers to perform his task. He puts this pressure on himself and the reason for the challenges are self, judgement, self-worth and trust. He feels lost at the moment. This is because the next step is all about believing in himself. When he embraces this concept, the world is his oyster.

What is the connection with my dog?

My client responded with clarity and certainty. “She brings and essence and an energy of light that brings love from far beyond our galaxies. I chose this life and all its challenges, with that they chose me, to protect and provide for me and that it what she does. My animal friend and companion is a friend and companion”.

There was one message from the spirit realm for my client and that was to love a just a little bit more. For she came from galaxies beyond what we know, and he treats her like a farm dog herding sheep.

My previous dog?

This was unforeseen. The dog went for a walk, found a few senses that took them the wrong way, got lost on their travels and was run over in Fowell (village near the home).

Cycle of relationships?

Nathan (Inner self) spoke loud and clear. “He won’t learn, how to be kind, and how to trust, this is how you let someone in.”

The conversation went further to inform me that the client continually screws themselves up by festering on the past instead of learning from it.

Verbal and emotional?

Nathan informed me that the client was doing very well at holding in on these emotions but was taking it a bit too far in that it keeps it close rather that letting it go. The creative side of the client helps to release many of the issues, but he really needs to explain himself to people. This will mean opening up, when he does, he will be surprised of how many people feel the same. This is normal, not macho, not kind, not helpful to him, get it out, let it air, let it go. When he does, what will follow is a sense of achievement and he will be proud of himself for being brave to allow others to follow. He must learn to laugh.

Who is the right one?

It took several minutes for the client to have a voice on this subject. Then the voice changed to give the impression that it was a spirit message using the voice box. “She is coming”.

Typical evasive answer I will not accept so I dug further, where, why, when. In two months. He has met her today. He failed earlier to disclose in the soul group her appearance. As he was leaving his teachers, he saw a glimpse of her, she is coming.

All well and good but detail for the client is important. “She is from the soul group, is tall with dark hair and he will not see her but smell her perfume, this will turn his head, and this is when they will connect”. We talk to him often from the spirit world, we ask and implore him to believe and keep trying. He despairs. We understand it is different on earth and there are only two beliefs being alfa and queen bee. It is time.

With that I was informed we had come to an end. During the session we conduct many releases from the body similar to psychic surgery. These exercises that a toll on the body and the aura and you can only achieve a few in on session without causing too much trauma to the body.

In our team brief after the session the client informed me that it was enough of a disclosure for that session and they could really feel the work that was achieved on releasing memories that no longer server and especially the attachment of the fraudulent medium, but would be calling on my assistance very shortly to release more from their aura.

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Are you ready for your Journey? 

There is no way of knowing what you will experience during regression therapy.

People’s experiences can be very different. Some people may see glimpses of several past lives, whilst others may delve into one life in more detail, unearthing repressed memories that no longer serve them.

You may have been described by friends as an old soul or feel you have lived before. Some people can visit a place for the first time, yet instantly feel that it is familiar. Others speak of meeting someone for the first time yet feel as if they have known them all their lives.

A sound, smell, dream, or reaction to a situation can trigger memories of a past life experience. The smell of a perfume that your mother wore.

Some clients talk of souls that have chosen to reincarnate together such as partners, siblings, or friends to carry out tasks. An example would be a daughter who acts like the mother of the family or a strong connection with a relative who may have been your brother in a past life.

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Others are in search of a path for personal growth and healing. Both are equally valid reasons for embarking on this therapy.

If you are feeling stuck in certain ways of thinking, feelings and behaviours, hypnotherapy can help enormously. It assists you in reframing negative thoughts and behaviours and encourages you to understand the reasons for this. It can help tip the feeling of loss upside down and allow you to view it in a positive way as you move to a higher understanding of situations. For example, instead of feeling like a relationship was a failure, hypnotherapy can help you see how the relationship helped you learn, understand, grow, and become more compassionate.

You hold the key to release yourself from past trauma, dreams and attachments from past lives locked in your memory. You will see things from a different perspective and realise you are more than what you see .
Opening the doors to past life records and working with them helps to release the chains of the past.  

As a client, you are fully awake and aware of everything going on around you. When I ask you a question, you have control of your mouth and body and express through words, what you are sensing (feeling, seeing hearing, knowing), what you are experiencing in your memory or what feels like your “imagination”.

To traverse through these memories, we discuss the issues that you would like to address at the beginning of the session.During my hypnosis sessions, there may be times when loved ones, lost souls, extra-terrestrials, or other beings have a message for my clients. You may just be curious but for those looking deeper for answers – there is soul work to do.