The Law of Attraction

The Law of transmutation of energy provides us the opportunity to transform negative energy into something more constructive and beneficial for ourselves as well as those around us.
It gives us the power to take control over our own emotions by reframing our thinking in order to gain new perspectives on life’s challenges. It really does allow us to attract what we want.

Universal energy is all around and within us, and we all have the power and
capability to tap in and utilise it.

You cannot ‘create’ energy, as it already exists in a quantum field of oneness.

Energy , however is transmutable. Perpetual transmutation means that energy can transfer into matter and then back again into its pure state of energy.
This means that energy, therefore everything (including us) cannot die, but instead change form just as we change from our physicality into spiritual form when we die.

What this law tells us is that we all have the power to change our life experience, situations and conditions. We all have that creative power and can use the universal laws in our favour. In this case, we merely act as conscious creators or alchemists manifesting matter or energetic experiences through the power and will of our minds.

Thoughts are energy. By focusing your thoughts consciously in a certain direction, that energy transforms to  into the form your thoughts are creating. Physical form can manifest from the energy of your thoughts.

You can turn sadness into happiness, poverty into wealth, or darkness into light. How powerful and wonderful would you feel if you could transmute all that lower, toxic energy or battling with your mind. You can do this with a few simple steps. By taking five minutes out of each day for twenty one days you can change your life to bring more love, peace , cooperation and harmony.

Try  it out for yourself and let me know how you get on.

Twenty-One Day Transmutation of Energy 

Repeat the following for twenty-one days in a row, without skipping any days.  If you miss a day, please start over!  It is important to do this for the full twenty-one days because that is how long it takes to re-condition your mental body to the effects of the clearing work that has been done in your Akashic Records.

We add the element of ritual to target the subconscious mind.
Reading the following mindfully will involve the conscious mind.

I hereby set the intention that my Divine Soul Blueprint be restored to its original state as it was created by Divine Source at my Soul’s Origination.  I request the following for myself, to be carried out throughout all dimensional aspects of my Being, in all concepts of time, throughout all of existence …

Remove all blocks and restriction from my Divine Soul Blueprint and neutralise all negative or dissonant energies. Retain all of my Soul memories and learning experiences associated with all blocks and restrictions, acknowledging them as complete on all levels.

Remove all vows and contracts that I have created and perpetuated, consciously or unconsciously, from my Divine Soul Blueprint.  Dissipate all negative emotional and mental patterns associated with creating or participating in these agreements.  Release and clear all negative programs I am consciously or unconsciously participating in.

Rescind all ancestral Vows that no longer serve my highest path and purpose. Release and clear all related negative energies held at all dimensional level of my existence. Clear all trauma and restriction associated with this Vow backwards to the generation of origin and forwards through all subsequent generations, leaving the learning experiences intact, in the highest good of all.

Delete all negative genetic karma that no longer serves my highest path and purpose. Release and clear all related negative energies held at any dimensional level of my existence. Clear all trauma and restriction associated with this karma backwards to the generation of origin and forwards through all subsequent generations, leaving the learning experiences intact, in the highest good of all.

Close all portalways not in alignment with my Divine self-expression.

Release all negative Spirit Guides that are not working on my behalf.  Restructure and update my guide team to assist me in fulfilling my Divine self-expression.

Remove all Attaching / Earthbound Souls / Negative Spirit Guides and that are attached to or interfering with my Divine self-expression.  Block all further access between myself and the removed Souls for all time, on all subtle levels, via any agreement.  Clear all memory channels and access points to these Souls, severing all connections for all time.  Remove and render void at root choice all agreements between myself and all Souls causing interference.

Disconnect all aspects of my Being from any Independent Negative Thought forms that I am currently engaged with and clear all negative energies through which I am engaged with these Independent Negative Thought Form.

Restore all of my transition states and processes for astral travel for optimal mental, emotional and physical health and vitality, in alignment with my Divine self-expression.

Update my Soul Record with the most congruent paths of Divine self-expression available, dissolving all paths that are not in congruence to my restored Divine Soul Blueprint.  Restore my Spheres of Protection.  In the highest good of all Beings, I entrust this intention to be carried out with joy.

And so it is.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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