1.Amaryllis, is the goddess of Spring and new beginnings
She assists with new beginnings helping with strength and optimism through these times of change. As the goddess of Spring she works with all the Devas and Elementals of nature. Her energy is apricot and gold, with an overlay of green or she may appear with a soft green centre, then white with an apricot gold edge.
Ask Amaryllis to help you on your ascension journey.

Amen Bey is a 4th ray Master, the white ray of harmony through conflict. He is tall, thin, a number two haircut, a thin chiselled face. His eyes are almond shape and are aquamarine with a black rim. He carries a rapier sword and wears a black waisted coat that swings rather like a whirling dervish coat.
His aura is clear at the centre, leading to white in the middle, with an edge merging from soft apricot to burnt orange. His energy is very still and contained.
Amen Bey is one of the protector Masters. He works with Archangel Michael and Ptah in a team to fight the dark side and protect humanity.

3.Energy healing
Ascended Master Dom Ignacio is here to help us with physical and etheric body healing. Dom Ignacio’s last life was as a priest – better known as St Ignatius Loyola, the founder of the Jesuit order. There are churches dedicated to him throughout South America and around the world. If he appears in form, it is often in red and with a balding head of dark hair. He is the Master who works with John of God. He has a great love for humanity and understands the pains of the physical body, having lived much of his last life in constant pain from a leg injury received in the Battle of Pamplona. Most illnesses manifest in the physical body from the etheric so he is here to help us with etheric body healing as well.
The Masters say “You will know us by our colours”. For they often appear to people not in the image of the body they had in their last life but in their true form of energy.
You can see from his colours he is a third ray master, the pink ray of unconditional love.

4. EL MORYA, Ascended Master- courage, self reliance leader

Ascended Master El Morya is a Master of the First ray. He is also a previous Chohan of the ray, a position now held by St John the Baptist. The first ray is the blue, red and silver ray of Gods will and power.
Ascended Master El Morya is a stern Master – nearly always appearing as unsmiling, but to look into his eyes is to see love on a deep level. He is one of the main Masters of these times – here to assist in these times of Ascension. He represents the energy of the leader – courage, power, self-reliance, dependability, faith and initiative. He is also a very precise and meticulous Master.

In past lives he has been Melchior, one of the three wise men, King Arthur, Abraham and Thomas Becket. In a past life he was Abraham – in that life he had dark skin, and piercing blue eyes. He did live to a very old age. He was shepherd, priest and leader as Abraham. From his life as Abraham, his descendants formed the foundations of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. . The little lives are just as important as the big lives.

Here are some of his words of wisdom .. “Life is a physical manifestation of the spiritual journey” … “The path of self healing is the path of self knowledge” … “It is in letting go that liberation is obtained” .

Ascended Master El Morya helps those who are in personal crisis, finding their personal power, fighting external battles and have chosen Gods Will over their own freewill.

Ascended Master El Morya has an aura of mostly hyacinth blue with some darker Prussian blue at the edge. As seen here at the right.

He is always seen in a turban. El Morya sometimes wears a sapphire surrounded by black diamonds in his turban. He wears a white robe, or a dark prussian blue robe that can appear as black.

As a Master of the 1st ray, the ray of God’s Will and Power, he is aligned with the state of Purpose, and works with the Deva of Purpose. The Deva is the animating force of the state of Purpose. If you have El Morya with you as Ascension Master, it is likely you already have the ability to focus.
5. Ganesh, Ascended Master- healing
The Hindu god Ganesh, is a 5th ray Cosmic Master. The 5th ray is the green and orange ray of healing, truth and knowledge.Ganesh is one of the major healers among the Ascended and Cosmic Masters. We all know him in his standard role as the remover of obstacles, and of his association with learning and knowledge.
His hair is blonde and shoulder length, his eyes blue and his skin fair. He has a young, handsome face, but his face is burned and scarred on the left side.
When Ganesh was born, his mother, Parvati, presented her new baby to the other gods. The god Shani looked at him with the evil eye, burning the side of the babies face.
He is the only Master to keep a physical imperfection beyond their ascension.Ganesh believs humanity doesn’t like imperfection – they would rather create a mask than see the truth. He is working with humanity, to heal our inner scarring – those deep emotional scars that linger on from life to life and restrict us in our lives on so many levels.
As a Cosmic Master his energy is very focused and contained – this containment makes his energy feel very powerful and yet it is also gentle. The love and compassion he feels for humanity very evident.
His aura is a pale milky blue/green leading into white and then a mid blue edge.

6. KUAN YIN, Ascended Master- emotional balance
Ascended Master Kuan Yin is a Master on the 3rd ray, the ray of unconditional love. She is also known as the goddess of Compassion and the Bodhisattva of Mercy.

She is known as a great healer, and works with healers to mainly heal the emotional body. She comes to help us with our internal battles – the ones we fight within ourselves.

She is here to help us balance and clear our emotional body – for it is here that much of our physical illnesses have their cause. Her element is water.

She is a must, for those clearing their own emotional baggage, and for those with anger issues. Her symbols include the swan, the lotus and the hexagon. Her aura is a deep magenta with a softer pink rim.
If she is your teacher then you will have the qualities of serenity, compassion, your energy is soft. Your soul colour will be a fucshia pink. Great to use when the forces of the 3d world get too much and you need a hand to stay balanced, focused and in a peaceful state so you can act from the heart and not react from the mind.

7.LADY NADA, Ascended Master- healing the wounded child

Ascended Master Lady Nada is here to work with the children – all children She is also here to work with everyone to heal their own inner child – the wounded child that exists in each of us.Ascended Master Lady Nada has the most beautiful soft energy.
Her last life, the life in which she ascended, was in India. In that life she was unable to have children, and so in her as a soul living from the heart she overcame her pain and took all children into her heart. She works with those unable to have children, have problems with fertility, women who have trouble with their monthly cycle and reproductive organs.
She is often depicted as blonde, though she has dark hair. I am told the image of blonde hair is due to the amount of light around her head.Ascended Master Lady Nada has an aura of white, lavender and gold. See the image to the right.
As a Lady Master of the 6th ray, she is aligned with the state of devotion, and works with the Deva of devotion.

8. Lao Tze – wisdom
LAO TZE, Ascended Master

Ascended Master Lao Tze is A Master of the 2nd ray – the yellow ray of Wisdom and Lightness of Being. Many of you will know him from the many wise quotes attributed to him from the classic The Tao and Te. Lao Tze also called Lao Tzu and Lao Tse is considered the father of Taoism.

He is not only a Master of Wisdom but also the Master of Joy and Lightness of Being– he is here to remind us life in not all work – that life can contain simple joys. We are all so solemn. We live our lives looking down, when there is so much to be gained from turning our face to the sun and being the Being we are. He manifests on the yellow second ray of Wisdom.
If he were to appear to you in meditation he is likely to be wearing a martial arts type outfit or loose pants and a tank top, he is balding and his long hair is pulled back and plaited. He will be laughing or smiling.Ascended Master Lao Tze has an aura of yellow shards.
As a Master of the 2nd ray, he is aligned with the state of Joy, and works with the Deva of Joy.

9.Isis – cope with change
ISIS, Ascended Master

Ascended Master Isis was the Egyptian goddess of Motherhood and fertility. Now she is a goddess of the 6th ray, the purple, ruby and purple ray of the goddess and of devotion.
Isis had a refined and gentle energy. Her great power is quiescent. She has a gentle sense of humour. Her energy is that of a mature woman.
As we ascend, more energy flows through our systems, Isis is here to help us cope with the changes. Changes not just on a physical level, but also emotionally and mentally. Her words .. “Things don’t happen to you, they happen for you.”
Ascended Master Isis’ aura has a border of purple with a jagged edge that leads into a ruby centre.
If Isis were to appear in form she has straight black hair to her shoulder, a fringe across the top of her eyes. She wears a gold floor length dress, with a belt at the waist. Around her neck is an enameled fan shape necklace of blue, green, yellow and red. There is a refined, ethereal quality to her energy.


10. Maha – releases baggage
MAHA CHOHAN, Ascended Master

Ascended Master Maha Chohan is the Master Chohan, he was the previous Chohan of the 8th ray, this role has gone to White Tara. Though he is still the Maha Chohan. It is Maha Chohan who selects and appoints the Chohans of the rays. A Chohan is an Ascended Master who is appointed to focus the Christ Consciousness of their ray.
When the Maha Chohan appeared to me, he showed himself as sitting at an outside table in a café in Paris. In front of him was a sundae glass and out of it were flying rainbows and fireworks, he may be the head of the 7 rays, but he has a lightness of Being that belies his status. Yet in saying that, he has much to do and much detail to administer. He asks us all to turn within and administer to the details within ourselves. We have old dross we cling onto, we have old attitudes we don’t release, and our baggage is literally that. He is here to help us attend to our inner details, to let go of much so we can become the Being of Light we truly are and so have Lightness of Being.
Ascended Master Maha Chohan’s aura colours are metallic gold and silver. As seen to the right.
If he were to appear to you in meditation he may appear in form. He can appear with and without his turban – his hair is dark. He sometimes has a ruby in the turban, and often has rainbows around himself.

11. Vajrakilaya, Removal of obstacles
Vajrakilaya is a Buddhist deity. He is here to help with the removal of obstacles within ourselves, which impede our own ascension. Vajra means “diamond’. The diamond body is for one who has attained liberation from form. Vajrakilaya translates as Diamond dagger – the one who cuts through obstacles to ascension.
Vajrakilaya’s aura pulses a dark red at the centre lightening to an orange edge.
He is working with the Ascended Master Sanat Kumara. To ascend into our own Christ we must become master over all our bodies – including the physical and etheric.

12. Confronts inner storm
Susan’oo, Ascended Master
Susan’oo is the Japanese god of the of the storm. He is the brother of Amaterasu, Japanese goddess of the Sun. Susan’oo is a fifth ray Ascended Master. He works in the areas of knowledge and healing. His assistance is on a more practical level working closely with those who themselves seek to help humanity such as teachers, healers, inventors, innovators. He works with all those who are seriously confronting their own self truth and their own inner storm. If you are wondering what Susan’oo looks like – he has almond shape eyes, and winged eyebrows, a feature in themselves. He looks like he is from another planet – his eyes don’t quite fit into our parameters. But then many of the ancient god of mythology were believed to be from elsewhere. His aura is a translucent green leading out to a white opaque sparkling border. He is one of the Masters who made the Green Ascension flame, third in the series, available on this site.

Ascended Masters
Aloha, Elohim of the 6th ray
Alpha, Ascended Master
Amaryllis, Ascended Master
Amaterasu, Ascended Master
Amen Bey, Ascended Master
Anubis, Ascended Master
Arcturus, Elohim of the 7th ray
Ares, Ascended Master
Cha Ara, Ascended Master
Chamuel, Archangel of the 3rd Ray
Chananda, Ascended Master
Charity, Archangel of the 3rd ray
Deva of Light
Deva of the 7th ray
Deva of the Great Central Sun
DOM IGNACIO, Ascended Master
EL MORYA, Ascended Master
Eros, Ascended Master
Ganesh, Ascended Master
Hathor, Ascended Master
Helios, Ascended Master
Hera, Ascended Master
Heros, Elohim 3rd ray
HILARION, Ascended Master
Inanna, Ascended Master
ISIS, Ascended Master
JESUS, Ascended Master
Krishna, Ascended Master
KUAN YIN, Ascended Master
KUTHUMI, Ascended Master
LADY NADA, Ascended Master
Lakshmi, Ascended Master
LAO TZE, Ascended Master
LORD LANTO, Ascended Master
Lumina, Elohim 2nd ray
Ma’at, Ascended Master
MAHA CHOHAN, Ascended Master
Mahakala, Ascended Master
Manjushri, Ascended Master
MARY MAGDALENE, Ascended Master
MELCHIZEDEK, Ascended Master
Metatron, Ascended Master
MOTHER MARY, Ascended Master
Omega, Ascended Master
Omri-tas, Ascended Master
Osiris, Ascended Master
PALLAS ATHENA, Ascended Master
PAUL, THE VENETIAN, Ascended Master
Portia, Ascended Master
Ptah, Ascended Master
RA-MUN, Ascended Master
Sanam Kumara, Ascended Master
SANAT KUMARA, Ascended Master
SERAPIS BEY, Ascended Master
Shiva, Ascended Master
Sitatapatra, Ascended Master
ST GERMAIN, Ascended Master
ST JOHN, THE BAPTIST, Ascended Master
Susan’oo, Ascended Master
The Elohim of the 8th Ray
Thomas Merton, Ascended Master
Vajrakilaya, Ascended Master
Vesta, Ascended Master
Vishnu, Ascended Master
WHITE TARA, Ascended Master

The Ascended Masters and the Ray Colours
When we incarnate each life, our soul incarnates on one of the eight rays of incarnation. The soul has a colour. This colour is also the same as their ascension ray colour. This ascension /soul ray has a colour according to the ray. For example, 7th ray souls have a violet soul colour.
Here at the Ascended Masters portal, we have realised these ray colours have variations according to the Ascended Master teacher of each person. We have discovered, not only can we identify the Ascended Master Teacher with each person by seeing and knowing the Master, but also by their soul colour and their ascension ray colour. The soul colour varies only slightly between each person, ie brightness, depth, luminescence etc and this is due to their level of Ascension. Some Masters are linked with more than one ray colour, for example Hilarion has two ray colours he is linked to within the fifth ray – green and orange. So if Hilarion walks with you, you will have one of these colours. Each colour has a a different meaning.
Please note we can’t replicate the beauty of each ray, only give an idea of the base colour, computer graphics doesn’t compare to the beauty you are. Some soul colours we struggle to get right here, like Hera’s.
These colours are the ascension ray /soul ray colours – not the aura colours of the Masters.

1st Ray – Blue ray – the ray of God’s Will and Power
El Morya

St John the Baptist – those with John will have either of these soul colours. We have noticed those from India or with a connection to India have the lighter soul colour.
Thomas Merton
2nd Ray – Yellow Ray – the ray of Wisdom
Kuthumi – the ray has both colours
Lanto – the soul rays vary within this range
Lao Tze
3rd Ray – Pink Ray – the ray of Unconditional Love
Dom Ignacio

Kuan Yin

Mary Magdalene
Mother Mary
Paul the Venetian

4th Ray – White ray – the ray of Harmony through Conflict
Inanna – bright white with a silver thread
Serapis Bey – white
5th Ray – Green and Orange Ray – the ray of Healing, Knowledge, Truth
Amaryllis – both these colours are in the soul ray
Ganesh – you will have either of these colours
Hilarion – you will have either of these colours
St Anthony of Padua
Susan’oo – both these colours are in the soul ray
6th Ray – Ruby, Gold and Purple Ray – the ray of Devotion and goddess Ray
Hathor – the gold is a wash over the ruby
Isis – a rare few have a pure gold soul colour with Isis and most have the ruby which is translucent
Lady Nada – some have a soul colour of ruby with a translucent gold glow and others have the purple only.
Pallas Athena – those with Pallas can have 1 of these 3 colours. The purple has a gold edge.
Portia – the colour of the soul ray of those with Portia suggests the 7th ray, but Portia’s own colours are Purple and Ruby, placing her and her chelas (students) firmly on the 6th ray.
7th Ray – Violet Ray – The ray of Transmutation
St Germain. The soul colours of those with St Germain can be one of these three colours.

8th ray – the rainbow ray – The ray of integration
White Tara

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You hold the key to release yourself from past trauma, dreams and attachments from past lives locked in your memory. You will see things from a different perspective and realise you are more than what you see .
Opening the doors to past life records and working with them helps to release the chains of the past.  

As a client, you are fully awake and aware of everything going on around you. When I ask you a question, you have control of your mouth and body and express through words, what you are sensing (feeling, seeing hearing, knowing), what you are experiencing in your memory or what feels like your “imagination”.

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