Can you help my child through regression?

by | 26 Feb, 2019 | Blog, Past Life Regression

I was at Newark Showground at Lizzian Event Wellbeing Show when I was approached by a woman desperate to find answers to her son’s health issues. I explained the ethical issues, that her son of twelve years old was far too young and vulnerable for me to conduct a regression.

Seeing that she was clearly in a state of despair and worry I suggested that I may be able to assist if she was to have a regression to explore ways of connecting with spirit, to discover avenues that could signpost her in the right direction in healing her son.

There were two client objectives for this session.

  1. The ongoing illness of her son –
    could she visit a past life and understand better something which may be
    affecting him today?
  2. The cycle of relationships- could a regression
    help her to see these more clearly?

Past Life
She found herself a small female child aged around four years old, her name was Tia, she was skipping outside in the fresh air without adult company but with two big dogs around at a farm.

Adjacent, was a wooden house with a large brown wooden door. Inside a large table in the capacious kitchen, and wall mounted hooks for personal effects and good, a fireplace dominated the room.

She saw an old woman by the stove, a grandmother, Marge or Maude, who had been in her life today. There was an old man, who she felt was a grandfather figure, not in her life today. Tia felt she had no mother or siblings, just her dogs to keep her company.

Next Scene in the same Lifetime
Twenty years later she was not on a farm but on stage, in Bulgaria in the 1720’s as a gorgeous ballet dancer, famed across the land with an old man as manager, who was her ex-boyfriend today.

Last Scene in that lifetime
She died old, ill with a male looking after her, and loving her. Death was not unpleasant. Finding herself just above the body and looking up to see who had come to collect her to go to the spirit world she spoke of an older man, a spirit guide with long white hair, and long flowing silver and cloth white robes. He had come to accompany her, as he had done forever, to welcome her to the Spirit world, his name was Tommo.

White light and lots of space surrounded her soul group which numbered seven plus a dog, its purpose was fun and laughter. As she gathered her thoughts and looked around to see who she was drawn to her first boyfriend from this life stepped forward to greet her. Her guide congratulated her on the life she had just completed.

Body Scan
During this part of the session I ask the Inner Self to come forward and assist in a body scan of the client to highlight any issues we can deal with that no longer served the client today.

Around her left abdomen lay an attachment by the name of Julian, a male, who had been with her for three lifetimes, he brought anxiety, tension and self-doubt. He appeared in shackles after being imprisoned in England in 1652 for petty theft.
Exploring the reasons for his attachment and assisting him in forgiveness we released him to the Spirit Realm.

During this part of the session I ask the Inner Self of the client the questions that the client had put to me prior to the regression. I don’t need to know the question if full detail. It could be a name of a person or animal, it could be health, work, relationships.

Her son
A number of spiritual physicians came forward to assist us. The first being a black witch doctor who discussed her son’s health and reported that there was no fire in him. This related to lack of energy in the child. He had drunk what he thought was contaminated water which held fine black particles. Fresh spring water was needed to restore his
organs and help detoxify his body.

The next spiritual physician suggested a course of magnet therapy. Magnet therapy is a system based on the idea that our bodies form an electro-magnetic field that respond to the healing power of magnets.

This is because iron makes up about four per cent of our blood content and every ion or atom – contained in our cells produces an electrical impulse. These three elements make up our bodies own electrical magnetic field.

This means when the north side of a magnet – which is negative – is placed on an painful part of the body, it draws fresh oxygenated blood to the area of complaint. This in contrast is a positive energy field.
This creates a two-pronged result. As magnets are alkaline it counteracts any acidity in the body caused by disease. In addition, fresh blood helps to remove any acidity from the body which, in turn, accelerates healing.

It was also suggested that she use shungite, which comes in many forms. The best person I have found to design bespoke shungite items for the person or garden is Richard Spray who has a company called Oraphim, his facebook page is

The spiritual physicians also spoke of a chemical called gadolinium, which was affecting him. There are many website for healing gadolinium, I have picked one but it is not exhaustive and I recommend you research

The next physician stepped forward to explain the child found joy very difficult, as he struggles to free himself from the metal particles in his body. Calming music as also suggested to ease the mind. There was also a heaviness in the form of energy that had be drawn to him some ten years earlier. It was as if “something was attached to him”, we explored this further.

Gill Bear emerged explaining he was an attachment, whose life had been cut short and was not ready to leave. He was a musician in his life, a brilliant composer of music who died young, playing the hültze glechter, enjoyed the ladies of the day and passed early through illness. That sadness created a sense of heaviness, that life was not fair, despite having lived in Vienna in 1792, it meant nothing to him, his music was everything to him and he wanted to live on.

Once the attachment was able to express himself and understand his situation, he was happy to be released to the spirit realm and filled the area of the body he had resided in with a gold and yellow light, which we were informed would help the child.

Cycle of relationships
This related to the client herself. Her guide stepped forward to explain that, over many lifetimes, she had not learnt the lesson of self-esteem and was allowing others to treat her badly.  The guide provided private information on how to release her from the guilt of constantly serving others, looking outside for love and was to work with her during her sleep time to adjust her programming.

Her work was progressing well and was guided by many spiritual physicians from the spirit realm in her treatments. It was her purpose in this life and she was to continue her path.
She was to take more time out for herself to charge her batteries up. Walking amongst the trees in fresh air, finding laughter and joining groups to have fun we suggested.

Connecting with nature would provide grounding for her and it was suggested that she eat more organic green and live food, which held the energy she needed. We asked that she be filled with the colour green, of love and grounding, to activate her mind and clear the way forward.

As the session came to a close the woman checked on her son who was in bed resting, he spent most of his days in bed. To her joy she found him fast asleep. Not only asleep but comfortably splayed across all four corners of the bed like a star. He previously slept in foetal position because of his pain.

She had been signposted to new avenues to explore healing her son, had released an attachment from him that had been dragging him down for ten years and been provided comfort in the knowledge from spirit that a remedy was just around the corner and he would be able to attend school and play like any other young child.

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Using introspective hypnosis, uncover the mysteries that may lie behind your physical and mental issues. Uncover the unique essence within each of us that goes deeper than our personalities. 

Releasing old patterns and thought forms brings you back into alignment. Awaken your soul, encourage your awareness and protect your boundaries in particular situations. 

I work one to one or in groups and offer sessions online via zoom and Whatsapp. 

Understanding the past, healing the trauma in a safe environment, releasing pain, it is all part of the journey.

Releasing Attachments and Shadows 
Many people feel that there is something holding them back- but they are not sure what it is. Repetitive behaviours, irrational fears and phobias, emotional paralysis, and unexplained illnesses can all be manifestations of attachments and shadows – events and encounters from the past which continue to haunt us. 

My regressions can target and uncover these attachments and shadows and  help you to understand them, enabling you  to let them go, thereby healing past traumas. 


Are you ready for your Journey? 

There is no way of knowing what you will experience during regression therapy.

People’s experiences can be very different. Some people may see glimpses of several past lives, whilst others may delve into one life in more detail, unearthing repressed memories that no longer serve them.

You may have been described by friends as an old soul or feel you have lived before. Some people can visit a place for the first time, yet instantly feel that it is familiar. Others speak of meeting someone for the first time yet feel as if they have known them all their lives.

A sound, smell, dream, or reaction to a situation can trigger memories of a past life experience. The smell of a perfume that your mother wore.

Some clients talk of souls that have chosen to reincarnate together such as partners, siblings, or friends to carry out tasks. An example would be a daughter who acts like the mother of the family or a strong connection with a relative who may have been your brother in a past life.

Some people may try past life regression out of curiosity, to see who they were in the past.

Others are in search of a path for personal growth and healing. Both are equally valid reasons for embarking on this therapy.

If you are feeling stuck in certain ways of thinking, feelings and behaviours, hypnotherapy can help enormously. It assists you in reframing negative thoughts and behaviours and encourages you to understand the reasons for this. It can help tip the feeling of loss upside down and allow you to view it in a positive way as you move to a higher understanding of situations. For example, instead of feeling like a relationship was a failure, hypnotherapy can help you see how the relationship helped you learn, understand, grow, and become more compassionate.

You hold the key to release yourself from past trauma, dreams and attachments from past lives locked in your memory. You will see things from a different perspective and realise you are more than what you see .
Opening the doors to past life records and working with them helps to release the chains of the past.  

As a client, you are fully awake and aware of everything going on around you. When I ask you a question, you have control of your mouth and body and express through words, what you are sensing (feeling, seeing hearing, knowing), what you are experiencing in your memory or what feels like your “imagination”.

To traverse through these memories, we discuss the issues that you would like to address at the beginning of the session.During my hypnosis sessions, there may be times when loved ones, lost souls, extra-terrestrials, or other beings have a message for my clients. You may just be curious but for those looking deeper for answers – there is soul work to do.