Part 1 of 8 – The Soul Realms – As Defined by Edgar Cayce

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The Soul Realms – As Defined by Edgar Cayce

Edgar Cayce wrote extensively on the Soul Realms, Harvey Green has written on, and researched Cayce’s writing on the subject which has also been explored by Helen Greaves, Ruth Montgomery, E Rudolf Steiner, Emanuel Swedenborg, and Ruth Matteson Taylor. The following borrows from the work of all of the above.

When I am conducting my Past Life Regressions I am frequently asked to explore the Soul realms, and am asked about them. Cayce claimed that all his information was channelled. It is fascinating to observe as I conduct Regressions how Cayce’s vision sits so comfortably with the reports my clients make under hypnosis. Eight Soul realms are documented, I will deal with each in a separate blog.

“The spirit is life. The mind is the builder. The physical is the result.” – Edgar Cayce

The First Soul Realm
When we leave the material world we enter the First Region of reality after death. We will, from here experience ceaseless activity, since life is continuous.

This region is ruled by emotions. our urges, passions, sensual love, and all that is connected with them.

Here in the First Region we begin to deal with our unfinished emotional business left over from our past incarnation.

Those who lived by and were ruled mostly by their emotions will have more difficulty in this realm than those who were not.

Those who are still fixated on Earthly desires will feel an expansion of those yearnings and will suffer by virtue of the inability to satisfy them directly.

In any event, the souls will not move on until all of their material fixations are laid aside. Some of these desires will be purged permanently, and others will be left aside in “safe keeping” to be dealt with at a more appropriate time.

This laying aside is a concept which may be alien to some because we think of spiritual progression as an overcoming, rather than a continuous, experience.

In the First Region, as in others, we deal with those parts of ourselves which are ruled by forces which emanate throughout that realm.

We are not required to deal successfully with all of those things; we will pass this way more than once, so we can set aside those things that can better be dealt with some other time and return later to deal with it.

But we may not pass from the First Region carrying our emotional ties to materiality. Otherwise, we will deal with what we can and move on. We cannot choose to set aside that which we are able to successfully deal with simply because the challenges are difficult. Here in the First Region we live in communities with like- minded folk..

There are those in every realm who are part of our soul group, those with whom we have shared experiences, and those who will remain our soul family throughout our experiences.

Our communities in the First Region appear to us much the same as they did in the Earth realm. But they appear slightly different to each inhabitant. As we grow in a region, its appearance changes, but this is so gradual it goes largely unnoticed.

All experiences are for learning; here we deal largely with our choices in our most recent Earth incarnation. In the Earth realm we may have had an experience of helping another to grow. This choice may have caused us difficulty to a varying degree and may have opened the door to countless choices along our journey.

The experience could have been complicated and spread over a long period of time. We deal with our poor choices by having the opportunity to change them.

For those who chose to experience materiality more passively, the First Region is more difficult than for those who made inappropriate choices. As much can be learned from unsuitable choices as from correct ones; but nothing can be learned from making no choice.

If we lived a life of indifference in the Earth realm we experience a helpless and useless state of being where we cannot participate in life around us. We have a burning desire to associate, to experience, but we are not guided by impelling forces that draw us into such experiences.

We experience our own indifference and then see the possibilities all around us from which we may make choices.

The desire to participate in any of our possible choices wells up inside of us because we see the full potential of those options never taken.

We may not see the earthly potential of the choices not made, instead we see the emotional, mental, and spiritual possibilities.

For a while, or what may seem like a thousand years, we find our experience very difficult. Then finally, when we have fully experienced our indifference, can set it aside until after we have gained more protection for the task.

As we deal with our earthly experiences, good and bad, we take the best, and overcome or set aside the worst. All with whom we associate help us. We meet with those with whom we feel close to and
others with whom we feel distant. Life here is marked by the fact that we cannot change one aspect of our relationships with others. The lack of the full force of cause and effect seems so natural that we do not question it.

As in the Earth realm, we are surrounded by angels and other spirits, but those permeating from yet higher dimensions are more apparent to us and more easily detected than on the Earth plane. We all work together to experience the spiritual potential of our activities and are protected, guided, and healed by the angels of mercy.

From the First Region we take trips into higher dimensions and return again to use those experiences in our communities. This is not so remarkable when you consider that the same things are experienced in our sleep state in the Earth realm. Frequently we move out of our earthly bodies in sleep and travel to spiritual realms, Astral travel.

This is accomplished under the guidance and protection of souls and spirits who have taken this as their ministry.

The only difference is that after death, we do not sleep, and we vividly recall the experience of having travelled to another dimension.

Our guides change their own vibrations to be sympathetic with the realm to which we are to travel. Like two tuning forks, we are drawn to their resonance and eventually vibrate at the same rate. This process transports us to that realm with which we have been helped to develop a sympathy, where we are ultimately instructed and refreshed.

When our experience is complete, we return to the First Region where we once again resonate to this dimension.

Such a form of travel is not limited to the First Region and, in fact, exists in almost all dimensions of reality. It may seem hard to conceive of, but before we leave we expand to fill out all of the First Region.

Each individual in the region occupies the same time and space but interacts only in accord to those with whom each has had a relationship.

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Releasing old patterns and thought forms brings you back into alignment. Awaken your soul, encourage your awareness and protect your boundaries in particular situations. 

I work one to one or in groups and offer sessions online via zoom and Whatsapp. 

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My regressions can target and uncover these attachments and shadows and  help you to understand them, enabling you  to let them go, thereby healing past traumas. 


Are you ready for your Journey? 

There is no way of knowing what you will experience during regression therapy.

People’s experiences can be very different. Some people may see glimpses of several past lives, whilst others may delve into one life in more detail, unearthing repressed memories that no longer serve them.

You may have been described by friends as an old soul or feel you have lived before. Some people can visit a place for the first time, yet instantly feel that it is familiar. Others speak of meeting someone for the first time yet feel as if they have known them all their lives.

A sound, smell, dream, or reaction to a situation can trigger memories of a past life experience. The smell of a perfume that your mother wore.

Some clients talk of souls that have chosen to reincarnate together such as partners, siblings, or friends to carry out tasks. An example would be a daughter who acts like the mother of the family or a strong connection with a relative who may have been your brother in a past life.

Some people may try past life regression out of curiosity, to see who they were in the past.

Others are in search of a path for personal growth and healing. Both are equally valid reasons for embarking on this therapy.

If you are feeling stuck in certain ways of thinking, feelings and behaviours, hypnotherapy can help enormously. It assists you in reframing negative thoughts and behaviours and encourages you to understand the reasons for this. It can help tip the feeling of loss upside down and allow you to view it in a positive way as you move to a higher understanding of situations. For example, instead of feeling like a relationship was a failure, hypnotherapy can help you see how the relationship helped you learn, understand, grow, and become more compassionate.

You hold the key to release yourself from past trauma, dreams and attachments from past lives locked in your memory. You will see things from a different perspective and realise you are more than what you see .
Opening the doors to past life records and working with them helps to release the chains of the past.  

As a client, you are fully awake and aware of everything going on around you. When I ask you a question, you have control of your mouth and body and express through words, what you are sensing (feeling, seeing hearing, knowing), what you are experiencing in your memory or what feels like your “imagination”.

To traverse through these memories, we discuss the issues that you would like to address at the beginning of the session.During my hypnosis sessions, there may be times when loved ones, lost souls, extra-terrestrials, or other beings have a message for my clients. You may just be curious but for those looking deeper for answers – there is soul work to do.