Message from Regression – Live a Life of Fulfillment

by | 19 Nov, 2017 | Blog

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Catherine was in her late twenties. A willowy and raven-haired woman of great beauty and grace.
She quickly transported herself to another time and found herself in viewing a life during 1612. She was walking barefoot on a summers day from the lake. Most days she would make her way down to the lake to swim with the swans. She described how she would connect with them in a way that formed fluid communication back and forth.

Catherine was a singer artist who painted the most peaceful settings of swans by an open lake in her past time.

She lived outside of town in a big house with large gardens. The house had four storeys and large in proportion. Her husband was very wealthy, a judge. He was good to her and went by the name of Charles.

Servants were hired, five in total, to service the house and family. They also helped her look after the children. Edward was ten years old with light brown hair, small but the most beautiful eyes. He was her son in this life. George was seven years old her father in this life. Little Charlotte was four years old and had no significant features to anyone in her life today.

The servants lived in and it was her job to organise them, together with the gardeners. For her pass time she created beautiful dresses of many colours which she would wear at balls with Charles. He would often help her chose the style of dress and the colours.
Moving on to the next significant scene in that life she found herself at church in the grave yard. Her husband had died by a shot gun wound. He was out one day, and someone had shot him for revenge. Looking closer at Charles she smiled and told me that it was her partner in this life.
She was now sad, alone and depressed but found comfort and support from her brother in law and her mother. Her brother in law had no connection with her in this life but her mother then was her mother now. She had made plans for her mother to move into the big house with her to help with her grieving and to look after the children.

At the next significant scene in that life she found herself at the bed of her daughter who was now twenty-two years old. She was in labour and it was a distressing time for her as she was not married. Catherine told me how they had to keep it a secret for the safety of her daughter and the child.

For that period, she had a broad view of life and was alright about the situation, how could she not be, it was her daughter. She was well aware of the town folk gossip, which is why she kept her daughter indoors for the last months of pregnancy and would tell a story of how she had taken on a family members child and took it in. Charlotte had a baby girl they called Georgina.

The next significant scene took her downstairs to her kitchens where she was trying to find something to stop the pain and hurting in her stomach. She saw herself bent over the table in pain and informed me it was time for her to leave.

At the death scene she floated above her body trying to give comfort to her family and grandchildren who were grieve stricken. She then held up her arms with a warm smile “Charles is here giving me the thumbs up and a big hug, he says I did a good job.”

From there they travelled to an area of clouds and a sky of purple. There was much electricity in the air, energy was flying around them. It sparkled florescent pink and popped and burst like energy bubbles all around them. He had taken her there to feed and replenish her soul.

She felt happy back with Charles and they hung around together talking for a long time before moving on to their soul group. She counted six or seven souls. Her nan in this lifetime, her mother, Charles and her dog Nakita were among the group. Their purpose was to be together for the simple things, for love, comfort and warming the soul.

Moving on to the body scan Catherine spoke of shadows around the head. These turned out to be the fermentation of too much going on over the last couple of years. She explained the reason being as one of frustration as her creative side had taken a back step.

She was told to not hang on the voice of fear in her head and to get on with things. Angel Raphiel was brought in to remove the shadows of doubt and replace with happiness.

The questions relating to her career were straightforward. To be an artist and paint both abstracts, profiles and landscapes, she was more than capable.
That there was no reason why she could not succeed in a new venture of employment, which she had in mind, and to start after the Christmas period was over.
Her purpose in this life was to be fulfilled and connect with her loved ones again. To work with her partner in their relationship and work as this is when they are the happiest.

Her inner self spoke of the disappointment in her partners life and a move to work together would work best.

Her partner’s Nan came forward to let her know how proud she was of her grandson. She wished she could be there for him on the earth plane, but it was her time. She wanted them both to know that she was with them and had been with their son since birth looking after him.

This was explained further in that she was particularly vigilant during the baby’s sleep patterns as this was the time he was most susceptible from outside influences.

The message for Catherine was one of patience. To understand that what she wanted will come, sooner than later.

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Using introspective hypnosis, uncover the mysteries that may lie behind your physical and mental issues. Uncover the unique essence within each of us that goes deeper than our personalities. 

Releasing old patterns and thought forms brings you back into alignment. Awaken your soul, encourage your awareness and protect your boundaries in particular situations. 

I work one to one or in groups and offer sessions online via zoom and Whatsapp. 

Understanding the past, healing the trauma in a safe environment, releasing pain, it is all part of the journey.

Releasing Attachments and Shadows 
Many people feel that there is something holding them back- but they are not sure what it is. Repetitive behaviours, irrational fears and phobias, emotional paralysis, and unexplained illnesses can all be manifestations of attachments and shadows – events and encounters from the past which continue to haunt us. 

My regressions can target and uncover these attachments and shadows and  help you to understand them, enabling you  to let them go, thereby healing past traumas. 


Are you ready for your Journey? 

There is no way of knowing what you will experience during regression therapy.

People’s experiences can be very different. Some people may see glimpses of several past lives, whilst others may delve into one life in more detail, unearthing repressed memories that no longer serve them.

You may have been described by friends as an old soul or feel you have lived before. Some people can visit a place for the first time, yet instantly feel that it is familiar. Others speak of meeting someone for the first time yet feel as if they have known them all their lives.

A sound, smell, dream, or reaction to a situation can trigger memories of a past life experience. The smell of a perfume that your mother wore.

Some clients talk of souls that have chosen to reincarnate together such as partners, siblings, or friends to carry out tasks. An example would be a daughter who acts like the mother of the family or a strong connection with a relative who may have been your brother in a past life.

Some people may try past life regression out of curiosity, to see who they were in the past.

Others are in search of a path for personal growth and healing. Both are equally valid reasons for embarking on this therapy.

If you are feeling stuck in certain ways of thinking, feelings and behaviours, hypnotherapy can help enormously. It assists you in reframing negative thoughts and behaviours and encourages you to understand the reasons for this. It can help tip the feeling of loss upside down and allow you to view it in a positive way as you move to a higher understanding of situations. For example, instead of feeling like a relationship was a failure, hypnotherapy can help you see how the relationship helped you learn, understand, grow, and become more compassionate.

You hold the key to release yourself from past trauma, dreams and attachments from past lives locked in your memory. You will see things from a different perspective and realise you are more than what you see .
Opening the doors to past life records and working with them helps to release the chains of the past.  

As a client, you are fully awake and aware of everything going on around you. When I ask you a question, you have control of your mouth and body and express through words, what you are sensing (feeling, seeing hearing, knowing), what you are experiencing in your memory or what feels like your “imagination”.

To traverse through these memories, we discuss the issues that you would like to address at the beginning of the session.During my hypnosis sessions, there may be times when loved ones, lost souls, extra-terrestrials, or other beings have a message for my clients. You may just be curious but for those looking deeper for answers – there is soul work to do.